Street Fighter II Tournament

Street Fighter 2 TournamentOn Thursday, January 29th we hosted our 7th tournament, and the first of 2016: Street Fighter II: Turbo. This was the¬†first legitimately retro game tournament that we’ve hosted, and this timeless gem felt like the perfect one to start with. The version that we played was the SNES iteration of Street Fighter II, emulated on PC and played with wireless controllers. The tournament style was a round robin stage in groups of four (eliminated down to two), followed by a double elimination final stage. There were 13 participants and those who went to the final stage were Pernille, Charlie, Dan C., Austin, Steve, Ryan and Cubby. The final stage consisted of 13 matches which were intense. A handful of competitors emerged as best in group, performing the precision combos which put Street Fighter on the map. This was the first fighting game tournament that we’ve hosted and it did not disappoint: there was much yelling and tension as a handful of matches were nail-biters. One match even ended in a super-rare double K.O. As a bonus, this tournament was conducted just one week before the 15th anniversary of Street Fighter II, which was released on February 6th, 1991. Happy birthday, Street Fighter II! Results from the tournament below.

Group & Final Stage Brackets

Click the tabs at the top of the embedded content below to toggle between group and final stage results: In the end, Ryan eliminated Charlie and Steve handily beat Ryan to emerge as the victor. Sadly, Street Fighter II is no longer available for purchase on modern platforms. But on the bright side the latest iteration, Street Fighter V, comes out shortly. Here’s a link to that game: Street Fighter V on Steam