Game-themed DJ Mixes

In addition to indie and retro games, we are enthusiastic music fans. Starting in late summer of 2015, we begun curating and recording DJ mixes specifically for use at our game nights in Chengdu. On this page is a small collection of those. At the bottom are a few mixes not created by us which we love, too.

Vampire Hunter Disco by Just Charlie

Groovy! by Danatello

Video Game Mini-Mix by Lostn Sound

93′ Till Infinity (A Tribute to NBA Jam) by Mick Boogie

93 Till InfinityTo help promote the re-launch of the NBA Jam video game, Mick Boogie put together this mix of classic 1993 remixes. Grab it for a little trip down memory lane, hopefully along with a game of the untouchable classic NBA Jam. We listened to this while we conducted our NBA Jam tournament.

Download Mick Boogie’s Tribute to NBA Jam