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Being retro gaming enthusiasts, we thought it’d be helpful to provide links to emulators we use and recommend, as well as Patreon links to contribute to projects we support. If you enjoy playing retro games with emulators, we encourage you to consider supporting development of these programs, even a few dollars a month helps.

Chinese Game Industry News

Some of our favorites sites and sources:

  • Josh Ye: Abacus News journalist who focuses on the Chinese gaming industry
  • Daniel Ahmad: China game industry analyst at Niko Partners
  • 游戏葡萄: Chinese game industry blog (in Chinese)
  • Niko Partners: China game industry research, analysis and reporting
  • Newzoo: Game industry analytics and research, including a lot of China data

Internet Accelerators

Since the summer of 2017 and the popularity of PUBG in China, internet accelerators (网游加速器) have become popular utilities for online gamers in China. What they do is reduce latency in non-Chinese online games through tunneling. Note that the services below are only available in Chinese, so if you can’t read or translate Chinese, you will need help from a Chinese speaker.

Retro Emulation Tools

The number one software to recommend, without question, is Retroarch. It is the emulator we use with many consoles because of the modular “core” system which it uses. Read more about that on their website at

If you are managing a system with multiple emulators, we recommend Launchbox as a front end.

Contribute to Retro Game Projects

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Whether you’re a game developer, journalist, or a new resident to Chengdu who enjoys games, we’d love to hear from you. The best way to get in touch if you’re in China is to add us on WeChat. Otherwise, you can contact us via email at chengdugaming at gmail dot com.

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WeChat, being the universal social portal of China, is where our discussion group is located. If you don’t have WeChat, download it on Android here or for iPhone here.

To join the group, send a friend request to the username “justcharlie” and request to be added to the CGF group.