CGF’s 25th Event: Mario Kart Tournament

6 months. 43 games. 25 events.

Odds are you’ve been playing games for as long as you’ve had basic motor control of your digits. But as a gaming community in Chengdu, this is our age, our life-time up to this point, and what an awesome existence it has been.

No doubt, every week Wednesday for the past 6 months has been a celebration of sorts: a celebration of reveling in new discoveries, revisiting old favorites, and our shared, unadulterated love of games.

But this week we’re going to kick it up a notch.

Why Celebrate?

Well, not only does this week mark our 25th event, but also happening this week are the birthdays of the most instrumental people in CGF, without whom these events wouldn’t happen: Hise (our gracious host and proprietor of our gaming venue, Machu Picchu 2), and Austin and Charlie (CGF’s founders) all complete one more trip ‘round the sun this week. So, this week we’ll be celebrating their birthdays and the Chengdu Gaming Federation’s eternal magnificence and grace, poise, precision, accuracy, unshakeable consistent bravery ascension cohesion fabulous strength and beautiful gleaming carapace.

How Celebrate?

As always, we’ll be congregating at Machu Picchu 2 to play some of our favorite games. We’ll be warming up the night with one of the most well-received games of the year so far, the co-op bomb defusing kerfuffal-maker Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (Steam).

After we get sick of working together, we put on our game faces for a Mario Kart 8 (WiiU) tournament. Entry is free, and the prize is a gorgeous Mario Kart trophy that has been 3D modeled, printed, and constructed by one of our illustrious (and British!) CGF members, Dan Coleman. We love seeing people in CGF pursuing games-related projects like this, and we’re extremely thankful and honored to be able to offer one of his works as the prize for thistourney. It’s things like this that make CGF such a rare and valuable community, and what motivates us all to keep doing this.

Custom CGF Mario Kart Prize

CGF Trophy

3D model of the DOPE trophy for the winner of our Mario Kart tourney


Besides games, we’re also going to have live DJs spinning some gaming-celebrating-appropriate music. And pizza. And drinks. We know, we know, it’s often frowned upon to drink on Wednesdays, and the only reason is to drink on a Wednesdays is to make it suck less. But now Wednesday Wins™ and it couldn’t feel more appropriate to throw back some midweek brews with some likeminded individuals.

Join us.

When Celebrate?

Wednesday, December 2nd from 9 to 1am.

Where Celebrate?

Machu Picchu 2 | 马丘比丘

Yulin Beijie | 玉林北街

More Info

Check for a list of every game we’ve played, more information on the group, some music we like, and other info.