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The Challenge and Joy of Achievement Hunting

China Gaming Federation

In this episode we discuss the challenges and merits of achievement hunting (or trophy hunting, as some refer to it). Strictly for skilled gamers who seek competence and mastery. Topics Discussed What guides and motivates achievement hunters The easiest and most difficult games to collect achievements How the culture and practice has evolved over time […]

2020 Games of the Year

China Gaming Federation

In this episode of the podcast we discuss our favorite games from the last year. Unlike many other annual lists, ours is not exclusively about games released in the year 2020, it includes some previously released games as well.  Topics Discussed Plague Inc’s new “Cure DLC”, which adds public health management features to the world’s […]

2019 Games of the Year

China Gaming Federation

In this episode we review our favorite games of the year 2019, both in terms of games released during the year and games we enjoyed and completed. This is an episode with a large volume of games mentioned, and while 2019 might not have been the banner year some were expecting with a number of […]

2018 Games of the Year

CGF Podcast

A year has passed and as we enter 2019, it’s time we reflect on our favorite games of 2018 in our second-annual games of the year review. While 2018 might not have been the barn-burner that 2017 was (our favorites were Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild), there was no shortage of greatness to […]