Rocket League Tournament

Rocket League tournamentOn Wednesday, December 30th we 6th and final tournament of 2015: Rocket League. If you haven’t heard of Rocket League, it is one of the shining stars of 2015’s independent game releases, developed by Psyonix in San Diego, California. The premise of the game is simple: arena soccer with rocket-powered vehicles. This was the first round-robin tournament that we have hosted. Twelve participants were divided into teams of two and after 15 rounds we had resolved the top three teams:
  1. Alex K & Charlie
  2. Jacob & Alex A
  3. Jenn & Austin
Do yourself a favor and check out Rocket League, which is available on Steam on PC or on PS4. It is a phenomenal multiplayer game:

Tournament Bracket

Rocket League rankings

Special Thanks

  • Machu Picchu for hosting the tournament
  • Psyonix for developing a game we have come to love so much