Powerstone 2 Tournament

Powerstone 2On Thursday, July 28th we hosted our 17th tournament: Powerstone 2. One of the most innovative and celebrated fighting title in retro game history, Powerstone 2 is the follow up to the original Dreamcast classic. Released in August of the year 2000, Powerstone 2 upped the ante and fully realized many of the concepts innovated in the first title, like its colorful, interactive environments. There were 16 participants in our Powerstone 2 tournament, with the final four coming down to Austin, Dan, Charlie and Andrew. In the final match, Dan narrowly defeated Andrew to emerge the victor. Unfortunately, Power Stone 2 is no longer available. We played Powerstone 2 on an Alienware Alpha, through the Dreamcast emulator Demul.

Tournament Brackets

These results are separated into two sections: the group stage and final stage. There is a tab on the embedded tournament results to toggle between them.