Nidhogg Tournament

Nidhogg Tournament 2On Thursday, December 1st we hosted our 18th tournament with one of our favorites: Nidhogg. This was our second Nidhogg tournament and the first instance of CGF hosting more than one tournament for a single game. Nidhogg is that special to us. Created and published by indie game developer Mark “Messhof” Essen, Nidhogg is one of the biggest indie game success stories in the last five years. First releasing on PC and later on every major console, Nidhogg has been played and enjoyed by millions. Which is no small task when you see and learn the simplicity of the game: it is an Atari-esque fencing game featuring two nimble stick characters. There were 20 participants in our second Nidhogg tournament, making it one of the largest we have hosted. More than twice the size of the original Nidhogg tournament which had 9 participants. As we expected, the competition was fast and intense. The final four competitors came down to Dan, Grace, Austin and Charlie. But this night was Charlie’s, as he snatched victory from Dan. In this victory he not only defended his Nidhogg title, being the winner of the previous tournament as well, but celebrated his birthday on the same night. Another participant, Hise, the co-owner and host of the tournament, also celebrated his birthday.
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Tournament Brackets

These results are separated into two sections: the group stage and final stage. There is a tab on the embedded tournament results to toggle between them.