NBA Jam Tournament

NBA Jam TournamentOn Thursday, March 3rd we hosted our 8th tournament and the second of 2016: NBA Jam Tournament Edition. After Street Fighter II, this was the second retro game tournament that we’ve hosted, and it was a blast. Many of us grew up with NBA Jam, which quickly upon release in 1993 because the most profitable arcade game of all time. More than one billion dollars was earned by NBA Jam in arcades in the 1990’s, one quarter at a time. What we remembered was the out of control acrobatic stunts performed in the game (flaming front flipping dunks) and the sensational commentary: he’s on fire! The version of NBA Jam that we played was on SNES, emulated through a PC and played with wireless Xbox 360 controllers. The four finalists were Luke, Austin, Charlie and Ella. In the final match, Luke bested Austin to take home the first 3D-printed CGF trophy. The winning team, controlled by Luke, was the Utah Jazz. Although they weren’t able to win an NBA championship in real life, the John Stockton and Karl Malone combination was too much for competitors. Once John Stockton got on fire it was all over as his tiny, white pixelated body nailed one 3-pointer after another. Other competitive teams were the Indiana Pacers led by Reggie Miller and the Washington Bullets led by Chris Webber.