Mortal Kombat X Tournament

Originally released in arcades in 1992, Mortal Kombat is among the most enduring fighting game series of all time (along with Street Fighter). Immediately upon release, Mortal Kombat made a huge impact on the cultural landscape of the United States in particular, becoming one of the top grossing games of all time and igniting debate about the role of government in game censorship. Mortal Kombat stayed on top for a number of years, made two feature films, and eventually seemed to lose steam until the franchise was successfully rebooted just a few years ago. With Mortal Kombat X, this is the best version of the game we have ever seen.

In this tournament there were 17 competitors, but in the end Andy took our first custom 3D printed CGF trophy home. Much blood was spilled.

Since this year (2017) is the 25th anniversary of Mortal Kombat, we decided to go further into this topic and record a podcast on the subject. We published that the week after the MKX tournament and you can find it here on our podcasts page: CGF Podcast