Mario Kart Tournament

On Wednesday, December 2nd we celebrated our 25th Wednesday Wins event and our 5th tournament: Mario Kart. This date also happened to fall on the birthday of two members of our group, Charlie and Hise. The version of Mario Kart that we played is the eighth iteration in the iconic racing series, on the WiiU console. We had a far greater turnout in this tournament that we had with any in the past, with 31 competitors. Through a single elimination process, we got to the semi-finals after two hours of competition. In the end, Vas won a convincing victory over Carl, who finished runner-up. Unlike in previous tournaments, this one came with a trophy awarded to the winner. The trophy was a custom piece made by CGF member Dan Coleman, who modeled a 3D Mario Kart trophy and assembled it himself. CGF XXV

Photos from the Event

Mario Kart tournament Mario Kart tournament Mario Kart tournament trophy

Tournament Bracket

With 31 participants, things got a little difficult to manage at points. As a result of switching a few players out and have one instance of the race results misreported, the brackets ended up with some blemishes here and there.

Special Thanks

  • Dan Coleman for making an amazing trophy for the winner
  • Machu Picchu for hosting, and Hise for offering free shots to winners
  • Austin for bringing his WiiU and copy of Mario Kart 8
  • Dan for DJ’ing all night and providing great tunes