Goldeneye Tournament

Goldeneye TournamentOn Thursday, June 2nd we hosted our 11th tournament: Goldeneye. Most of us have fond memories of playing this when it was released in 1997 on N64, and this tournament was a heavy dose of nostalgia. We played Goldeneye through an emulator with four Xbox 360 controllers, mapped to best reproduce the control layout of the N64. The tournament style was double elimination, and this was a tough one. If you haven’t played Goldeneye recently, it takes some time and effort to get comfortable with the controls, which are a bit awkward. Competition was intense after the first after the first few rounds, we started to get the hang of it, as everyone tried to knock Dustin off of his winning streak. Stages and weapons were selected by each group playing, – and no one played as Oddjob (although this wasn’t forbidden – we are all just good sports). In emulating this game, the only challenge that we faced was the control scheme. This game is notoriously difficult to control, which at first resulted in a lot of gunfire directed at the floor. Some of the shootouts were hilarious, but we found that the practice hour from 9-10pm (before the actual tournament begun) was absolutely crucial to giving everyone time to adjust to the quirks of this game. Exploring the maps and weapons of this game was a joy, as most of us had played Goldeneye for more than a few minutes in well over ten years. This is a great game to go back to with some friends. Emulation in Project64 was almost flawless. Some images in the game menu appeared glitched out, but gameplay itself worked fine. If you are emulating Goldeneye with 4 players in split screen, you will want a fast computer to do it.

Tournament Brackets

The tournament included 8 players, weeded down to Dustin, Austin and Karl in the finals. In the end, Dustin was unstoppable, and Austin could not defeat him in the final round. Congrats!