Bomberman Tournament

Super Bomberman flyerOn Thursday, July 28th we hosted our 13th tournament: Bomberman. The version of Bomberman that we played was Super Bomberman, originally released in the fall of 1993 on the SNES (or Famicom, depending on your region). Super Bomberman was one of the first and only games to support the multi-tap, a peripheral which enabled four player gameplay. Unlike some previous tournaments which we have hosted, Super Bomberman rewards patience, caution and a defensive mindset. With four players on screen at once, we noticed a trend of the most audacious players getting themselves blown up quickly. Later rounds of the tournament, and all of the finals matches, came with a lot of yelling as skilled played faced off against one another. Once you collect all of the power ups like multiple bombs, roller skates and more powerful explosions, the entire screen quickly becomes a scorched wasteland. There were 12 participants in our Super Bomberman tournament, each divided into three groups of four. The group stage whittled each group down to a single finalist, and those were Dan, Vas and Caspian. The three of those went to the final stage to determine the final victor, and there was some tense contention as Dan and Vas duked it out to settle the score. In the end, Dan won! As with other console tournaments like Soul Calibur and Goldeneye, we emulated Super Bomberman using SNES9X on a 100″ projector.

Tournament Brackets

These results are separated into two sections: the group stage and final stage. There is a tab on the embedded tournament results to toggle between them.