Episodes about retro gaming.

Inside Chengdu’s Retro “Game On” Exhibition

CGF Podcast

Right now Chengdu is hosting the “Game On” exhibition, which is the largest retro game collection ever exhibited in China. With over 100 pieces of authentic game hardware which visitors can play, from Missile Command and Ms. Pac-Man to Steel Battalion and Star Wars Arcade, it is an incredible collection. In this episode we speak […]

The CGF Trivia Podcast

CGF Podcast

This podcast is a follow-up to our recent CGF Trivia Night, an event which we hosted in Chengdu in May 2019. On that night we had five teams competing, with a single team emerging the winner after a Jeopardy-style trivia battle. In this podcast three participants (Austin, Charlie and Ryan) participated in a trivia competition […]

Our Favorite Overlooked SNES Games

CGF Podcast

In this episode of the podcast we return to one of our favorite game consoles of all time: the Super Nintendo. Virtually everyone knows about the hits: Super Mario World, Mario Kart, Chrono Trigger. But beyond the well-known classics there are some amazing overlooked games. This episode is about highlighting and discussing those. Games Mentioned […]