Episodes about independent games.

2019 Games of the Year

China Gaming Federation

In this episode we review our favorite games of the year 2019, both in terms of games released during the year and games we enjoyed and completed. This is an episode with a large volume of games mentioned, and while 2019 might not have been the banner year some were expecting with a number of […]

What the Exploding Subscription Model Means for Gaming

CGF Podcast

With Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass among other game subscription services, we’re seeing an explosive new model in the games industry, but what does it mean? We review the latest developments and forecast what the future of gaming might look like with the industry divided by competing subscription services. Topics Discussed Overview of curated […]

The CGF Trivia Podcast

CGF Podcast

This podcast is a follow-up to our recent CGF Trivia Night, an event which we hosted in Chengdu in May 2019. On that night we had five teams competing, with a single team emerging the winner after a Jeopardy-style trivia battle. In this podcast three participants (Austin, Charlie and Ryan) participated in a trivia competition […]

Legal Weedcraft

CGF Podcast

In this episode we discuss controversy around the April 2019 Devolver Digital release, Weedcraft Inc. The game, which is about building a marijuana empire, presents players with the option to conduct their business legally and ethically or illegally and immorally, but this hasn’t kept developer Vile Monarch out of the crosshairs of online pundits and […]

Explosion of the “Roguelike” Genre and Our Favorites

CGF Podcast

In this episode we talk about the origins of the “roguelike” phenomenon and our favorite recent games which fit into this category. Some common features of roguelike games are dungeon crawling, procedurally generated stages, and permadeath, but this formula has been applied to a huge variety of game types.