Legal Weedcraft

In this episode we discuss controversy around the April 2019 Devolver Digital release, Weedcraft Inc. The game, which is about building a marijuana empire, presents players with the option to conduct their business legally and ethically or illegally and immorally, but this hasn’t kept developer Vile Monarch out of the crosshairs of online pundits and platform censors.

Topics Discussed

  • Overview of Weedcraft Inc’s mechanics, tone, and ethical choices
  • Why the launch of the game intentionally didn’t happen on 4/20
  • Online reactions to the game, and specific criticism from reviewers
  • Weedcraft Inc getting demonetized on Youtube, deleted on Facebook, and having difficulty advertising
  • What we like and dislike about the game itself
  • Social justice standards for violence and drug use in games
  • Comparison with “Breaking Bad” mobile games