Killing for Peace in Tencent’s PUBG Rebrand

In this episode of the podcast we discuss the latest wild development which has appeared in Mainland China’s game industry: the rebranding of smash-hit PUBG as “Game for Peace”. In this new Chinese regulator-approved version of the game players collect weapons and ammo and shoot at opponents who, instead of bleeding dying when shot and killed, kneel and wave goodbye before fading away. Game for Peace features a number of other unusual quirks, but what does this game say about the future of China’s game industry? We discuss that and more.

Topics Discussed

  • The regulatory gaming freeze, which China is emerging from
  • The sanitization and transformation of PUBG
  • How this new game feels and plays
  • Chinese player commentary on the game
  • Investors’ impressions and growth in Tencent’s stock price
  • Game for Peace’s record-breaking revenue
  • What Game for Peace says about the future of Chinese games


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