Inside Chengdu’s Retro “Game On” Exhibition

Right now Chengdu is hosting the “Game On” exhibition, which is the largest retro game collection ever exhibited in China. With over 100 pieces of authentic game hardware which visitors can play, from Missile Command and Ms. Pac-Man to Steel Battalion and Star Wars Arcade, it is an incredible collection. In this episode we speak with one of the event organizers, Leonardo Araujo, about how the exhibition came to be, how they select and maintain games in the collection, and what his favorite pieces in the collection are.

Topics Discussed

  • The origin of the Game On exhibition, which has been traveling the world for 18 years
  • How Leonardo maintains and repairs an enormous collection of vintage game hardware
  • Special inclusions in the collection, including extremely rare and valuable artifacts
  • What it means to educate average Chinese on the history of games
  • How the collection mirrors modern world history and culture with specific examples
  • Leonardo’s favorite pieces in the collection