A CGF Retrospective: Looking Back on 8 Years

After starting CGF in May of 2015, we recently hosted our last CGF event (of the foreseeable future) in February of 2022. In this episode of the podcast, we look back on this community project which has spanned almost a decade in the city of Chengdu, China. Over that time we’ve:

  • Hosted about 140 events in at least 8 different venues
  • Published more than 60 podcasts on dozens of subjects
  • Evaluated, analyzed, and forecasted China’s evolving game industry
  • Been a major contributor to local game design culture and appreciation

We’ve been looking forward to having the opportunity to look back on some of the most memorable CGF memories and experiences, including a list of the games which we remember most fondly as local multiplayer stand-outs. We also discuss some of the challenges and hardships of running an organization like this in a place as unstable and exotic as Chengdu, China.

Lastly, we say thanks to all of the listeners, gamers, collaborators, and friends we’ve made over the years. It’s been great!