Artificial Intelligence in Games

In this episode I’m joined by by Ryan, independent developer of the mobile strategy game Carrier Commander, in a discussion about artificial intelligence in games. In development of his mobile game, Ryan created over 20 unique stages which each included distinct AI variations to create dynamic, unpredictable gameplay situations. In the discussion we talk about what game AI is, how it differs from general AI, what the purpose and role of AI in games is, and cover a number of the most important paradigms in game AI. If you’re an independent creator or seeking to just understand how AI works in games you’ve played, this is a great entry-level primer on the subject.

Topics Discussed

  • Definitions of general AI and gaming AI
  • Practical example: ghost movement in Pac-Man
  • AI Graphing
  • Emotional AI: Shadow of Mordor’s “Nemesis” system
  • Behavioral states in The Forest
  • AI architectures
  • “Push & Pull” AI in Starcraft zergling movement
  • “Finite States” in Broforce
  • “Adaptive AI” in fighting games