Mortal Kombat 11 Tournament

On Saturday, October 12th we hosted our 40th tournament, with the latest iteration of the vaunted Mortal Kombat franchise. We had 16 participants in this tournament, which came down to a semi-finals with Shane, Marcus, Travis, and Demick. After spilling a ton of blood, Shane emerged the victor with Baraka.

This tournament was a double elimination contest, with two wins eliminating contestants. In the brackets below you can toggle between the different stages of the tournament. In the group stage there were winners and losers brackets, the winners of both advanced to the final round where there was final elimination.

  • Group A: Jamie, Chris, Austin, Charlie
  • Group B: Carl, Char, Lucia, Aedan
  • Group C: Demick, Edwin, Shane #1, Shane #2
  • Group D: Yumim, Travis, Dian, Marcus

Tournament Brackets